Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) promotes equitable, low carbon, clean energy development in urban South Africa and Africa. We do this through research, capacity building, policy engagement and information dissemination.

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Urban Energy Support is an information portal of relevant documents and resources, with an emphasis on practical tools and guides to support the transition towards sustainable local energy development and a low carbon trajectory for the country in the context of global climate change.

What’s new

Illuminating homes for brighter futures: A case study on partnerships during the solar light kit distribution in Polokwane and Mthatha
Despite South Africa’s enormously successful electrification plan, 13% of households in the country remain without access to grid electricity and thus do not have safe, quality lighting which is necessary for human development. Through an SA Airlink initiative, SEA together with government and business partners were able to distribute 5000 solar light kits to vulnerable households.

Supporting the green economy of George through community skills development
SEA, in partnership with the Green Business College, convened a 5-day training course aimed at capacitating low-income, vulnerable households in George on how to start a hotbox manufacturing business. In particular, the training aimed at improving the energy welfare of women, who are the ones usually responsible for cooking, and are most exposed to indoor air pollution as a result of using unsafe fuels like paraffin, wood, and coal.

Deepening the conversation on the access of financing critically needed for climate response action at the local government level
Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) recently held a dialogue meeting under its Vertical Integration Low Emission Development (V-LED) project to deepen the conversation on accessing climate finance. The discussion interrogated the actual nuts and bolts of this highly sought after aspect required for mainstreaming climate response action into service delivery functions such as the opportunities; innovations and constraints; governance; and institutional issues.

Invitation: Technical Solar Rooftop PV Training
GIZ and SALGA are offering three 5-day courses to assist national, provincial and local authorities in the integration of rooftop solar PV. The training will touch base on the most important topics of solar PV, namely; policy frameworks, technical standards, regulations, revenue impact etc. Target audience includes officials from the revenue, legal, customer services and procurement departments, engineers and electricians.

HOT OF THE PRESS: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Local Government - A Practical Guide
This is the third iteration of a practical how-to handbook for local municipalities on the roll-out of sustainable energy measures.

Sub-Saharan African cities are invited to join Covenant of Mayors initiative in the region
Sub-Saharan cities across the continent invited their peers to join Covenant of Mayors Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) to make a voluntarily political commitment to implement climate and energy actions in their communities and agree on a long-term vision to tackle 3 pillars, namely access to energy, mitigation and adaptation.

Urban Transformation in South Africa Through Co-Designing Energy Services Provision Pathways
The project will focus on co-designing context sensitive energy provision pathways, that will achieve impact with academic, policy, practitioner, and community beneficiaries.

Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) Training for Municipalities
This project aims to provide training to municipalities on all aspects of SSEG.

Data collection methodologies and energy demand modelling for projection of end-use energy consumption in the commercial sector
This project aims to improve energy end-use consumption demand-side modelling capacity within the Department of Energy

Small Scale Embedded Generation in Mid- and Low-income households
The project explores models for rolling out small-scale embedded PV generation to low- and mid-income households in South African cities.

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WARNING: Scammers in Durban and Eastern Cape
Please be warned of scammers posing as Sustainable Energy Africa operating in the Durban and Eastern Cape areas. These scammers are accepting payment for the instalment of solar water heaters and other domestic equipment and not returning. Please note that SEA does not sell nor install any equipment. If you have been approached or have any information, please do let us know. Any information to track down these con artists will be useful. Please call Mukta Govan at 021 702 3622.