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Principles to be implemented at the city energy strategies conference to promote a sustainable lifestyle
The following principles have been used in the preparation and implementation of this conference. Please assist us to make this a reality and help reduce the ecological footprint of the conference.
CES Conference Co-ordination Team
Cape Town
Conference Venue
Select a venue that, on average, minimizes the distance the attendees have to travel.
Select a venue that has a formal environmental policy and action plan in place.
Look for facilities that invite meeting attendees to share in energy conservation and waste reduction efforts e.g. by reducing paper towels, supporting use of soap dispensers versus individual soaps, avoiding waste, and participating in recycling programs.
Place recycling containers in visible locations at entrances to halls and in the pre-function area. Let attendees know that recycling containers will be available and place visible signage instructing delegates as to what is and is not recyclable.
Select/recommend accommodation that is within walking distance of the conference.
Select/recommend accommodation that has a formal environmental policy and action plan in place.
Provide airport transfers so that delegates do not need to rent a car.
Minimize the distance between the accommodation and conference venues so that delegates do not have to make use of transport, but can walk.
Use energy efficient and cleaner fuel vehicles.
Food Services
Select a service provider that maximizes reusable rather than disposable, linens, flatware, glassware etc. Promote the reduction in waste from disposable coffee cups, plates, napkins and plastic-ware, disposal of extra food
Select a service provider that will donate surplus food to local shelters, soup kitchens, food banks etc.
Discourage exhibitors from bringing large quantities of material, which end up as waste.
Encourage exhibitors to bring small quantities and then e-mail material to interested persons.
Promote useful environmentally responsible gifts rather than items that will be discarded at the end of the conference.
General office practices and communications
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Reduction in paper waste associated with direct mailings among organizers, speakers, attendees and venues by making effective use of e-mail and the website.
Encourage use of electronic presentations and distributing disk handouts to eliminate paper waste. Promote electronic distribution instead of printed handouts to reduce paper usage.
Reduce paper by allowing attendees to register and confirm registration by e-mail.
Recycle paper inserts and plastic badges after the conference
Make double-side copies.
Print all marketing and registration materials on recycled paper using soy-based ink
Set up a system for making photocopies on demand instead of over-printing materials
Display the conference summary on the Internet, or circulate them electronically or on a CD after the conference.
Purchase recycled content/energy-efficient/environmentally preferable products
Please also refer to the Green electricity and the Carbon Tax sections.
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