Green Building SEA

CSIR sustainable building assessment tool SBAT

Footprint of the Green Building

Overall Score: 3.9 out of 5.0

Performance Indicator Score (out of 5.0) Aspects Evidence of High Performance
Social 3.6 Occupant comfort; participation and control Temperature measurements: modeling and actual
Economic 4.2 All
  • Cost: 40% below conventional building cost (R 2,300 per m2)
  • Simple building system allowed for almost all local materials, contractors and labour, maintenance and repairs + support to small businesses
  • Modular and simple layout with excellent natural lighting and ventilation of all spaces allows for easy adaptability
Environmental 3.8
  • Energy, water and waste efficiency
  • Good site use
  • Materials and components efficiency
  • Energy: temperature modeling and actual
  • Emphasis on low embodied energy, non-toxic and recycled materials
  • Waterwise garden watered by rainwater and greywater
  • Food and medicinal garden
  • All possible waste except for sewerage collected for recycling