Green Building SEA

Resource Efficiency

Passive solar design and low embodied energy content of materials

  • Orientation = 20 east of north
  • Cavity walls and good ceiling insulation
  • Thermal mass of floors, walls, ground floor ceiling
  • All work stations have plenty of direct natural lighting and ventilation, clerestorey and winblocks provide general lighting

North aspect for majority of spaces, with sun shading designed according to solar modeling Atrium with clear roof sheeting and
whirly birds for good convection

Energy Efficient Appliances

Solar water heater Photovoltaic panels connected via grid-connected invertor.
(Potential for 4kW peak system = 24kWh/day = most of blg electricity needs in winter.)

Energy efficient lighting donated by Eskom Photovoltaic driven pump for water feature Under-floor pipes for flushing cool night air through the building to remove heat from structure