Green Building SEA

Materials Selection | Energy | Water | Waste

Resource Efficiency
Materials Selection
  • Structural system is load bearing brick work with reduced steel and concrete
  • Low embodied energy content materials
  • Reconstituted bricks, no plaster
  • Recycled windows & doors
  • Recycled timber flooring, stairway; new SA pine plantation timber for windows and upstairs flooring
  • Reflective bubble insulation with optimum R-values (Alucushion)
  • Paints, finishes and treatments; non-toxic -- linseed and citrus timber treatment; water-based masonry sealer and wall paints (Envirotouch, Breathecoat)
  • Re-use of felled tree, rocks and builders waste on site used in landscaping, garden and building
  • Locally sourced materials and contractors
  • Minimum transport to and from site of construction materials

Use of alien tree branches for window
shading and fencing;
External paving allows rain
water through to aquafer
Second hand doors and windows going in Collecting second hand windows
and doors from demolition yards
A minimum of steel was
used in the structure
Making the eco-beams locally