Green Building SEA

Objectives and Challenges

Why a 'future normal' green office building?

Built as a commercial office building for Sustainable Energy Africa and other organisations. Investors and SEA wanted to "walk the talk" and show it could be done as a commercial investment (with limited financial resources and no grant financing) - that this can be a normal way of building in the future!!

This project aims to demonstrate:

  • A commercially viable green building including maximum lettable space with adequate parking, cost effective design and materials
  • Resource efficient building
  • Healthy and beautiful working environment
  • Design responsive to user needs
  • Environmentally responsible building and operations

Important determinants of design:

  • Tenant needs
  • Participative design and construction
  • Passive solar design
  • Efficient and environmentally responsible resource use
  • Local availability of materials
  • Limited finances
  • Financial viability
  • Simple structure
  • Modular layout for easy adaptability