Modelling energy efficiency potential in municipal owned facilities of the nine SACN member cities

The project entailed analysing the potential energy savings that can be realised from energy efficiency in municipal facilities and operations in the nine South African Cities Network (SACN) member cities.

The sectors analysed in the study included :
(i) electricity consumption in office buildings;
(ii) water treatment plants;
(iii) water distribution facilities;
(iv) street and traffic lighting; and
(iv) fuel use by vehicle fleets.
The energy efficiency potential was modelled using the Municipal Energy Efficiency Planning Tool, developed by SEA for this study and also available for future use by individual municipalities. The sector with the highest energy savings potential, among the electricity- consuming sectors, was found to be the bulk water supply and wastewater treatment sectors.

Client: South African Cities Network (SACN)
Project timeframe: February 2014 - June 2014
Project Manager: Megan Euston-Brown