Tackling Urban Energy Poverty in South Africa

The objective of this project was to contribute towards improving the energy welfare of the urban poor in South Africa.

In 2013 SEA undertook a short piece of research which explored the state of urban energy poverty in South Africa. In 2014, SEA received additional funds to deepen and update the research and stakeholder engagement. The research provided a consolidated picture of household energy use patterns and choices of the urban poor, and to this end examined the effectiveness of the suite of national pro-poor energy policies, strategies and programmes aimed at improving the household energy choices of the urban poor, for the full socio-economic benefits underlying energy access to be realised. Findings indicated that although government has made enormous inroads into dealing with the challenges of urban energy poverty, many problems remain entrenched. To this end it highlights the need for a multi-pronged approach, which would include close and meaningful engagement with all relevant stakeholders in the design of solutions for improved energy welfare of the urban poor.

Donor: Heinrich Boell Stiftung Foundation
Project timeframe: September 2013 - September 2014
Project Manager: Peta Wolpe