Technical assistance to develop a tookit for climate change planning at municipal level

A guide and toolkit was developed for local government to integrate climate response objectives and sector based actions directly into their Integrated Development Planning process (IDP). The guide assists local government to identify sectors most at risk from the impacts of climate variability and changing climate and explore opportunities to manage this risk. The information provided aims to help prioritise local government response actions. The process supports integrating these priorities into the IDP and related municipal plans (sector plans and the Spatial Development Framework).

The guide and toolkit addresses municipal leaders and staff across our municipal sector on development planning and climate adaptation and mitigation. It is anticipated that it will also be of use to provincial and national government departments. South Africa has a wealth of experience in climate change, at the local level as well as in our national research institutions and organisations. This toolkit was developed with a strong emphasis on being dynamic and evidence based – the idea being that it should grow and change and improve through ongoing contributions from all who engage with it and as further information and data become available.

Project timeframe: May 2011 – October 2011
Project Manager: Megan Euston-Brown