SALGA renewable energy and energy efficiency strategy

Development of energy efficiency and renewable energy strategy for local government

SEA assisted SALGA in developing a national, SALGA-led EE and RE strategy for municipalities across the country. A cornerstone of the strategy development process was the engagement and consultation with the country’s municipalities via the SALGA Provincial offices. It was clear that valuable, pioneering energy efficiency and renewable energy work is already underway within South African municipalities. The Strategy development process drew extensively on this work and experience developed by pioneering support organisations.

Local level consultation also made it clear that energy efficiency and renewable energy, at the local governance level, cannot simply be seen as a technical issue, but must be addressed in the context of service provision, in which ensuring sustainability of municipal revenue and electricity service delivery, addressing poverty and access to energy services, and stimulating local economic development is paramount.

Project timeframe: August 2013 – January 2014
Project Manager: Megan Euston-Brown