Optimum Energy Future

The Energy Scenarios for Cape Town project was undertaken by Sustainable Energy Africa and the Energy Research Centre at the University of Cape Town for the City of Cape Town to support and extend the Cape Town Energy and Climate Action Plan (ECAP). The Energy Scenarios for Cape Town project provided an in-depth energy sector analysis and projections to 2050, as well as an up-to-date set of energy consumption data, electricity supply options, costs of different alternatives, environmental and employment impacts, and economic development of the different development paths. The project modelled the implications of implementing different energy supply mixes and energy efficiency interventions in all sectors. Technical, institutional and financial assessments on these interventions were completed.

The objective of the project was to clarify a way forward for the energy sector in Cape Town based on these projections and thereafter assist with implementation of these measures by building capacity and engaging with various affected municipal departments.

Funder: BHC
Timeframe: 2010-2012
Project Manager: Mark Borchers