Management of the Cape Town Energy Future Vision and Action Plan update process

This project supports the City of Cape Town in developing an Energy 2040 vision.

 The aim of this project is for the City of Cape Town to embark on a process of updating its Energy Futures model and developing an Energy 2040 vision, which will be a substantive component of One Cape 2040, a comprehensive all-encompassing developmental vision for the Western Cape. The Energy 2040 Vision will be developed in collaboration with Western Cape Government and the Economic Development Partnership (EDP) on the basis of the Cape Town Energy Futures model. This vision process will inform the targets and objectives in the review of the ECAP. This will involve an intensive engagement process with stakeholders, across Cape Town and within the City administration to build and support the Energy 2040 vision. The Energy 2040 vision will be a strategic information tool for decision making into the future. The modelling, which informs the vision, will be revised as the context changes, so as to ensure that the City’s vision is kept up to date.

In partnership with Sustainable Energy Africa, this project entails a series of stakeholder engagement working sessions to:

  • highlight energy data trends and drivers from the 2015 Cape Town State of Energy Report;
  • provide input on the Energy Futures modelling study;
  • debate and obtain common agreement on the principles and assumptions underpinning the Optimum Energy Future for Cape Town and develop the Energy2040 vision;
  • Identify strategies and projects which can contribute to the vision and targets.

Donor: City of Cape Town
Project timeframe: March  - August 2015
Project Manager: Peta Wolpe