Africa’s Energy Future

Capacitating the implementation of sustainable and gender sensitive energy solutions and strategies for low income households in South Africa.

This is a three-year project based on building capacity towards the implementation of sustainable and gender-sensitive energy solutions for low-income households in the urban areas of South Africa. The motive of the project followed after recognizing knowledge gaps on the link between gender, urban and energy poverty. Thus, the project aims to provide an overview of gender issues related to energy poverty and energy-use patterns in low-income households in urban areas, to help support municipalities in developing strategies that will enable delivery of sustainable and affordable energy services. In so doing, the outcomes will be to build an urban community that is energy secured and climate resilient. This will be achieved through engagement with municipalities, developing best-practices guidelines and involving communities in decision-making.

Watch:"Your Piece of the Sun", a captivating film (25 minutes long), explores the challenges of energy, gender and poverty in urban South Africa. Through illuminating case studies and interviews with people on the ground, new approaches and innovative solutions to energy service delivery for low-income households are illustrated.

Donor: HBS (Heinrich Boell Stiftung)
Project timeframe: January 2016 – December 2018
Project manager: Yachika Reddy