C40 Cities GPC Emissions Inventories

Technical support to C40 African member cities that have signed the Compact of Mayors to produce GPC-compliant emissions inventories

 C40 is a global network of large cities seeking to address climate change through developing policies enabling the reduction of both greenhouse gas emissions and climate-related risks. To date, C40 is one of the leading global projects to be implementing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 40 large cities, hence the project name “C40”. While international conventions are discussing a way forward on tackling climate change, the progress of the C40 project on reducing carbon emissions worldwide has been impressive, with more than 4700 actions undertaken to address climate change.

SEA’s Role
SEA provides technical support to help cities who are developing GHG emission inventories consistent with the Global Protocol for Communities (GPC). Our technical assistance depends on the city’s current status of GHG inventory calculation and reporting, its level of awareness of GPC tools and methodologies. Countries are classified according to these categories:

  • Group A – no GHG inventory.
  • Group B – elementary GHG inventory involving stationary and mobile emission sources.
  • Group C – GHG inventory but not consistent with GPC.

Steps and procedure of developing GHG inventories conforming to GPC standards
We support cities in developing GHG inventories compliant to GPC according to the following processes:
  1. Gap analysis – compare existing GHG inventories to the requirements of GPC.
  2. Workshop – inform the city about GPC tools and methodologies and discuss potential data sources.
  3. Technical support – assist the city to update the city’s GHG inventories to match the GPC requirements.
  4. Audit – review, report on the updated inventories for bidders.
Donor: C40
Project timeframes: April 2015 - Jan 2018
Project Manager: Zanie Cilliers