KZN GHG Mitigation Opportunities

The programme aims to help regions in developing and newly industrialized countries to better understand the mitigation opportunities presented by their climate change emissions’ profile, by improving and expanding Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of GHG emissions and undertaking MRV of mitigation actions where sufficiently robust GHG inventories are in place.

The overall programme will provide a tailored package of support to seven target regions, across four countries (South Africa, India, Mexico and Brazil). This support will be provided through both remote technical support as well as in-region missions (e.g. workshops) to build capacity.

The objectives are to:

a) Provide a tailored package of support to seven target regions, across four countries, which will help them to improve/expand their MRV of GHG emissions and mitigation actions;

b) Undertake a stocktake of each region’s starting point, develop and validate a technical assistance roadmap for each region, meet any important stakeholders and deliver capacity building training;

c) Enable peer-to-peer interaction and learning through the use of two peer-to-peer webinars, one for regions in India and South Africa, and one for regions in Mexico and Brazil; and,

d) Develop outreach materials containing insights on regional GHG inventories/other MRV support, documented in the form of short papers referred to as Knowledge Products (KPs).

Sustainable Energy Africa is supporting the KwaZulu-Natal region in South Africa.

Donor: Under 2 Coalition
Timeline: 2019-2021
Project Manager: Yachika Reddy