Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Settlements Advisor

SEA was appointed as an energy efficiency and sustainability settlements advisor to the national Department of Human Settlements (DHS) as the department sought to integrate energy efficiency, particularly solar water heating and sustainability within the low-income housing sector.

SEA was involved in the selection of sustainable interventions for the households in the N2 Gateway Joe Slovo 3 Precinct within the allocated budget. Joe Slovo 3 provides an alternative design approach to subsidy housing which is essentially an urban design approach to settlement making in order to provide an integrated, higher density alternative for subsidy housing. SEA conducted monitoring and evaluation to provide both qualitative and quantitative assessment of the sustainable interventions implemented. This included selecting five houses in Joe Slovo and conducting data logging of internal and external temperature differences, amount of hot water being used in the households from solar water heaters, and overall water and electricity use in the households. Another five existing RDP-type houses in Delft were used as a control. The project also entailed the development of material and an implementation methodology for a homeowner sustainability education and awareness programme.

Client: Department of Human Settlements
Project Timeframe: October 2012 -  January 2014
Project Manager: Andrew Janisch