State of RE in South Africa 2017 Report will include a focus on local government

The Department of Energy in collaboration with GIZ are undertaking a Second Edition of the State of Renewable Energy in South Africa (SRESA) Report aimed for completion during the first half of 2017.

The 2017 SRESA report looks to provide a consolidated and authoritative account of progress made by three spheres of government, state-owned entities, academia, research institutions and private sector in advancing the integration of renewable energy technologies and projects across the country. These includes inter alia, the regulatory and policy landscape, market overview and current levels of renewable energy deployment, investment flows, economic development and localisation under REIPPPP.

The process will be informed by consultations and engagement with all sectors. In response to the SALGA presentation at the first engagement on 28th November, the updated report will include a chapter dedicated to the role of Local Government in energy supply and management.
Presentations made at this workshop can be accessed via

The link to the 2015 state of renewable energy status report: