Below you will find projects that SEA is currently working on.

  • City of Johannesburg Climate Action Plan Implementation Tracking

    SEA's role in this project is supporting the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) in monitoring and enabling climate action by citizens, and local businesses and organisations, through data systems set-up, stakeholder engagement, and through catalysing action in big-impact areas such as energy efficiency in buildings, grid decarbonisation and climate resilience.

  • Cape Town Energy Scenarios

    SEA's role in this project is assisting in developing long-term electricity scenarios to test the City of Cape Town's draft Energy Strategy and utility business model, to inform City responses on safeguarding municipal financial sustainability.

  • Supporting Sustainable Energy in South African Municipalities

    Promoting equitable and affordable sustainable energy solutions in municipalities, focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

  • Mobilizing Social Movements for Energy Democracy and Sovereignty in South Africa

    The project aims to strengthen social and environmental justice movements for democratic engagement and to partner with municipalities and relevant entities so as to lead to the installation and operation of community-led, socially owned renewable energy.