What types of workshops does SEA offer, who can participate, how can I register, and what is the outcome of these workshops?

SEA provides an array of workshops encompassing networking engagements, roundtable discussions, and training sessions tailored for municipalities. Depending on the specific project, SEA may extend invitations to municipal officials. These workshops are designed to foster knowledge exchange by engaging with municipalities to better understand their sustainable energy challenges and innovative solutions. This valuable insight is

What approvals do you need to connect a solar system to the grid?

To establish a connection for EG/SSEG/Solar, obtaining approval from your electricity supplier, whether it's your local municipality or Eskom, the entity responsible for sending your electricity bill, is imperative. Ensuring a reputable installer handles the system installation is crucial. These installers must hold valid electrician credentials, and it's advantageous if they have completed the PV

How can I get involved with SEA’s work?

You may begin your involvement with Sustainable Energy Africa by exploring our website to gain insight into our endeavours. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about opportunities and stay updated through our social media channels. Attend our events and workshops to engage with our initiatives firsthand. If you're a student, inquire about

Are there any other events or workshops hosted by SEA?

Stay informed about our upcoming events and workshops by visiting our LinkedIn page or checking our News section. We frequently organise workshops and training sessions tailored for municipal officials. Make sure to follow the mentioned accounts to stay in the loop.

What resources does SEA offer to the public?

SEA offers a range of online resources. The Urban Energy Support website serves as a practical information hub for sustainable local energy development and a low-carbon trajectory in South Africa. The SmartBuildings website connects South Africans to transformative spaces, while the Municipal Energy Management System website provides a reference for municipalities. The Embedded Generation Resource

How can I stay updated on SEA’s work and developments?

Stay connected through our quarterly newsletters, featuring the latest insights from SEA and pertinent resources for the energy sector and local municipalities. You can easily subscribe via the sign-up section at the bottom of our website or the Newsletter section on our Home page. Additionally, for updates, you can explore our News section.

How can I contact SEA for further information?

Feel free to reach out to us through email at info@sustainable.org.za, by phone at +27 (0)21 702 3622, or by visiting our offices located at The Green Building, 9B Bell Crescent Close, Westlake Business Park, Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa.

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