City of Johannesburg EV Readiness Support Programme: Phase 2

The Johannesburg Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Programme phase 2, funded by UK PACT (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions), aims to deepen the capacity of key stakeholders in the City of Johannesburg to accelerate the transition to electric mobility, while also learning from, and sharing learnings with, the City of Cape Town.

As distribution grid operators, the role of local government has emerged as critical in the transition to EVs. Decarbonising the transport sector has also been highlighted as one of the key mitigation responses within metropolitan municipalities’ climate action plans.

This project seeks to inform municipal policy responses for a just transition to EVs through consultative collaboration with government and industry stakeholders, as well as targeted research, informed by stakeholder needs. Additionally, a fleet electrification feasibility study will be undertaken for the City of Johannesburg’s vehicle fleet.

Donor: UK PACT
Timeline: February - December 2022
Project Manager: Zanie Cilliers