Lessons learnt - how can municipalities diversify their energy mix?

SALGA, GIZ and SEA have developed a series of six case studies on municipal renewable energy projects. These case studies identify the processes followed focusing on regulatory processes, and the success factors of each project.

  1. Municipal landfill gas to electricity - Bisasar Road and Mariannhill Landfill Sites grid-tied electricity generation
  2. Municipal landfill gas to electricity - Simmer and Jack Landfill Site grid-tied electricity generation
  3. Municipal waste water treatment works - biogas to energy (co-generation) - Northern Works Biogas to Energy
  4. Supporting private renewable development in a municipality: waste diversion and wheeling of power for biogas to electricity project - Bronkhorstpruit Biogas
  5. Municipal wheeling agreement for green power development - Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality
  6. Grid-tied municipal solar pv - Leeupan solar PV project