SEA comments on the Integrated Resource Plan

SEA commends the Department of Energy on courageously taking the planning of the electricity sector in a new direction. SEA is primarily active in the establishment and maintenance of networks supporting the sustainable and equitable use of energy through local government in South Africa and the region. Our criticisms and comments are therefore made positively and constructively. The following comment is entirely that of SEA based on its experience in the sector.

A summary of the main points of our comments are as follows;
  1. Establish Good working relationships with ESCOs.
  2. Work with ESCOS and training/certification institutions to develop a standardised electronic data model for energy audits and automatic (anonymised) integration into database.
  3. This should look ahead to smart meter data consolidation by back end systems.
  4. Make data plans and open data a condition of government funding and grant funding.
  5. Adopt confidentiality and data privacy policies that are clear, transparent and appropriate to the nature of the data and that are not excessive and do not favour arbitrary firm secrecy.