Cape Town Energy Scenarios

SEA's role in this project is assisting in developing long-term electricity scenarios to test the City of Cape Town's draft Energy Strategy and utility business model, to inform City responses on safeguarding municipal financial sustainability.

PDG and their sub-consultants, Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA), were appointed through the urban development research panel to undertake a phased research project to build an understanding of the implications of a changing energy system and expected transitions within the municipal electricity utility on the City’s revenues over time.

The study is structured as three phases:

  1. What is likely to happen in the energy space between now and 2040?
  2. What will be the financial impact if we don’t make changes?
  3. To what extent can financial and tariff reform mitigate this impact?

Funder: City of Cape Town

Timeline: 1 June 2023 to 30 June 2024

Project Team: Zanie Cilliers, Megan Euston-Brown, Joel Nana