Despite the existing challenges, South African Cities are making good progress towards transitioning to an efficient and low-carbon economy and society. Cities have exceeded national energy efficiency targets and are actively pursuing renewable energy interventions. To support the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy, several enabling

policies and programmes are underway, both at the national and City level. Several Cities have committed to reducing energy consumption within their boundaries and are developing climate action plans with ambitious low-carbon targets.

164 settlements

will experience extreme increases in population growth pressure by 2050

77 major floods

in South Africa between 1980 and 2010

80 %

of settlements require active reduction in fire risk

Our Work in Action

A pivotal arm of SEA work focuses on supporting municipalities with the strengthening of governance in relation to collaborative climate action, both within the local municipality and across the spheres of government. This has included listening and responding to the needs of city officials and providing support through building capacity and generating spaces to engage on the critical catalysts of local climate action.

Getting to Zero

City of Joburg Green Jobs Youth Expo 2024.

Active Projects

  • City of Johannesburg Climate Action Plan Implementation Tracking

    SEA's role in this project is supporting the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) in monitoring and enabling climate action by citizens, and local businesses and organisations, through data systems set-up, stakeholder engagement, and through catalysing action in big-impact areas such as energy efficiency in buildings, grid decarbonisation and climate resilience.

  • Mobilizing Social Movements for Energy Democracy and Sovereignty in South Africa

    The project aims to strengthen social and environmental justice movements for democratic engagement and to partner with municipalities and relevant entities so as to lead to the installation and operation of community-led, socially owned renewable energy.

Past Projects

  • KZN GHG Mitigation Opportunities

    In this project, SEA aimed to build technical capacity within the provincial governments of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and Gauteng on greenhouse gas emissions monitoring and climate finance application processes.

  • C40 South Africa Building Programme

    SEA's role in this project was to accelerate the development and implementation of energy efficiency policies and programmes for new buildings in South African cities by 2020 to work towards a net zero carbon performance.