To establish a connection for EG/SSEG/Solar, obtaining approval from your electricity supplier, whether it’s your local municipality or Eskom, the entity responsible for sending your electricity bill, is imperative.

Ensuring a reputable installer handles the system installation is crucial. These installers must hold valid electrician credentials, and it’s advantageous if they have completed the PV GreenCard certification.

The centerpiece of your setup is the inverter, which must adhere to the NRS 097-2-1 standard. You can access a comprehensive list of approved inverters here: Approved Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter List.

Should you opt for a non-compliant inverter, your electricity supplier retains the right to disconnect your supply until the inverter is replaced—a costly endeavor that can be easily avoided. It is far wiser to invest a bit more upfront in the correct inverter to prevent any future disappointments.

Knowledgeable solar installers are well-versed in these requirements. Should your installer suggest an inverter not found on this approved list, exercise caution and consider seeking an alternative.